Red Guy is just one of the protagonists that are main the do not Hug me personally i am afraid videos, along with Duck Guy and Yellow Guy. He resembles no known creature or thing besides spaghetti and a mop.

Red Guy is just one of the protagonists that are main the do not Hug me personally i am afraid videos, along with Duck Guy and Yellow Guy. He resembles no known creature or thing besides spaghetti and a mop.

He could be voiced and portrayed by Joe Pelling.

During the final end of do not Hug Me i am afraid 4, his mind explodes. Becky Sloan then posted two videos containing Red Guy on her Instagram, confirming he could be perhaps perhaps not dead.

Red Guy sometimes appears in the end of Episode 5 through the credits, by which he walks far from a phone booth. He evidently had been home that is calling in an effort to share with Duck Guy and Yellow Guy to flee. Their mind can also be observed in the microwave oven when you look at the exact same episode. They can additionally be present in the homely House of Organs, in another of the windows. They can additionally be observed in the curly meals, as soon as Duck Guy knocks the digital camera down, you can view Red Guy’s legs. They can be regarded as spaghetti close to the end associated with the episode.

He played a significant role in do not Hug me personally i am afraid 6, resetting the period. In this episode, he had been in globe full of other individuals of their species in operation suits for a lot of the episode, before choosing the control device by which Yellow Guy continues to be caught. Red man began pressing the equipment’s buttons, glitching the Lamp into instructors experienced in past episodes and several other new instructors, until Roy’s hand extended and touched Red man’s shoulder, surprising him. Red Guy then discovered a plug attached to the device and pulled it. This reset the series that is whole changed the puppets within their favorite colors, (turning Red man blue), and relocated the calendar from June 19 to June 20. Sketchbook seems and starts to say, ” just what is your favorite concept?” whilst the episode cuts to black colored.

Red Guy happens to be his canonical title, as revealed on their title label in Episode 6.


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Red Guy is human-sized, plus the tallest regarding the primary trio. He has red, yarn-like locks that covers their whole mind, with two eyes positioned on top. Their entire body is red. Unlike Yellow Guy and Duck Guy, he does not wear any garments. In Episode 6, it really is revealed that their types generally wears garments, which will be evidently company attire. He additionally wears a suit until he takes it well to sing on phase. Unlike many figures, he could be played by someone in a costume instead of a puppet. After he pulls the plug through the device, he seems to be blue totally


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“That seems really boring.”

Away from each of their buddies, he could be probably the most mature, sarcastic, and sharp-witted, in which he seemingly have the essential good sense as well. He can frequently get frustrated using the instructors and then make comments that are sarcastic. The Computer in Episode 4, this is how he becomes enemies with Colin. Red Guy appears to be the absolute most pessimistic associated with the three puppets, while he does not show interest that is much the classes, and prefer to start their own company. It’s possible that he’s older or even more mature compared to other two protagonists, as an image of him in a graduation cap keeping a diploma is observed in Episode 6.

The same as Duck man, he cares about Yellow man, as observed in the episode that is third they offer him the very last boiled egg to be able to show their relationship. He generally seems to develop impatient because of the trained instructors often, finally standing to Colin in do not Hug me personally i am Scared 4.

In never Hug me personally I’m afraid 6, we see where Guy that is red was being removed from the “show”: a world populated with a few Red individuals the same as him, every one of who has boring jobs at workplaces. He appears to become uninterested in this global globe, and attempts to do items to get noticed, at one point also performing the “Creativity Song” in the front of a gathering. Nevertheless, he could be booed by the audience.

Despite Red man’s pessimistic behavior he appears to truly worry about the individuals around him, and will also be selfless every so often. Within the pilot bout of the do not Hug Me i am afraid tv series, Wakey Wakey, while everyone else in city seems more focused on their safety that is own and, Red Guy is out on his own to find Mayor Pigface. It was additionally showcased earlier in the time within the episode as he kept asking “that is gonna find him?” while Yellow Guy was worried about their duck and birthday celebration ended up being focused on who had been likely to be in control.


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